Scared Green

13 Oct

Democrats and Republicans seem to be afraid of Green Party and other non party candidates!

What am I talking about? Not allowing them to participate in debates unless having a certain percent of votes already in non election polls. As a voter I find this to be non informing. Big party tactics to keep the real change makers out of the lime light.

As citizens we want to hear every candidates opinion and what there plans would Intel. Even if the other candidates might dislike what they have to say to or about them. I thought that was the foundation in which debate was founded.

My own opinion reached from these tactics and outcomes is that the republicans and democrats are afraid of the votes to be gained by the non left or right wing candidates.

Green Party Candidate Rich Whitney running for Illinois Governor has not been allowed to participate in past and some future debates. One of which will be held by The League of Women Voters. You would think they would be a group to understand how this world can be biased, prejudice, and discriminate. They still are not allowing Whitney to participate in the debate because he did not receive Ten Percent (10%) in there polls. Even though some of these polls did not show him as a Candidate and don’t allow an option to vote for him. According to “”

He has been allowed to participate in a debate in Carbondale but there are many rumors of cancellation, also rumors of other candidates just not showing up.

LeeAllen Jones and many others are also feeling the effects of this. It is a common practice around the Nation. Which is seen in every state and in almost every county.

We need to hold a debate right here in the Alton Riverbend Area. All candidates would be invited to participate. This way we would be more in control as constituents. We can ask questions and press more issues that would otherwise be left in the dark.

Call me crazy or call me a Patriot, I just believe that all candidates have the right to be heard. All polls and all of our political opinions aside.

Freedom Writer.


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