Obama Train Running

15 Oct

According to Reuters and many other news corporations. The Obama Train is beginning to run out of steam. The first term run not even finished yet.

He is Performing Speeches in order to drum up democratic votes. Hitting colleges and reaching out. But its like being at magic show and knowing all the tricks and seeing through all the illusion.
The Show starts to become Predictable.

To me and many others I have questioned that what it is. The Presidential Show of America. Starring Barrack Obama.

According to Reuters the Democrats are trailing in the congressional vote. How can he expect to still have support after giving the banks that stole our nations wealth more money. A stimulus bill with a total of $814 billion and still being added to. Without any restrictions or any plans to monitor where that money was going.

Obama was targeted on Live TV by Questioners. One Tweet Read ” My greatest fear is that Obama will be reelected”

Another Read ” My greatest fear is that we are turning into a communist state.

I believe the people have spoken. Maybe we are starting to wake up. Tune into Alex Jones. Check the internet look around the answers are out there you just have to want to find them.

I not gonna preach I am just going to say” If you think there is nothing wrong with the nation or the government. Please send some of the drugs your taking. I bet it is a coma state inducing drug.”

Freedom Writer.


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