Letter Sent to Big News Channels

19 Oct

Hello I am a local viewer and I have issues of concern. Why is the local news not covering the Barrack Obama Issue of Barry Soetoro. Not one time have heard this issue addressed. Even if you believe it to be false allegations shouldn’t you still make us aware of this. Also there are concerns raised about his birth certificate and his Indonesian citizenship and still no coverage. What do we have to do to get some truth and some issues that actually matter. I’m tired of Lindsay, and Britney. The reality I want to see is what’s going on in the real world. We seen no coverage of a entire country rallying together to get a president threw out of office. Still nothing. Please address these issues with a statement back and then I can press more issues I have concern about. This is just the tip of the infowar bom b. Thanks concerned citizen.

Freedom Writer.


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