20 Oct

Take a look at France actually get a good look. This is where we are headed if change does not come soon. The people are rising against there tyrants. They said enough is enough!

Can we learn from them? Maybe they know more than we do? What about us? The United States and many other countries are at crossroads about to cross over to a revolution.

Civil unrest almost seems emanate. With the electing of a man who promised change and did not deliver. A President who promised he was for the little guy and against the Banksters, and against a Government ran by and for the lobbyist.(Ha yeah right)

He blatantly lied to us the people, and most do not even know or acknowledge this. With two more years of this ahead I hope people begin to start waking up. With books, websites, documentaries, and even full length features making what is really going on in the world more known. People have no excuse not to look and find out.

You and I owe it to George and Benjamin. We owe it to our children and our childrens children. Future generations deserve the right to be free people in a free land. Just as we once were.

Our freedoms are being stripped and most just sit back and say “well if it makes us safer.” Well I say Enough! My constitutional rights are just that rights. Everyone needs to read the Bill Of Rights again. Regain that feeling of what our Founding Fathers fought for. Can we just let them take what they worked so hard to achieve?

When I looked over the Constitution again. When I did my hair stood up. I also got a rush of adrenaline and satisfaction. I knew I had to do something. I just couldn’t sit there. That’s why I started this Webpage/blog/news and why I plan to run for Alderman in 2013.

Freedom Writer.


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