25 Oct

FEMA FEMA FEMA. That’s all I hear about is FEMA. Should it be a warning that they are up to no good (again)

After there failed attempt in New Orleans the name Fema does not sit well with many US Citizens, or around the world. A Federal Emergency Agency that’s always late to the emergency.

Many in the Riverbend Area are hearing that name pop up again. The levees need to be prepared and are not up to there standards. They say this without showing the proof to back it up.

If they achieve what they are trying to do it will cause more people to lose there homes and business to move away. This would also keep prospected business owners from moving or opening businesses here.

The release of this information and the flood/levee maps to be released soon. Have insurance companies ready to jack up insurance rates. Also some businesses that did not have flood insurance in the past may have to purchase it.

Is FEMA a threat to the states and there sovereignty? Many would claim yes. After all the mistakes in past they have made. Plus the fema camp, coffin, train car crisis. Maybe they are. If they do wish harm they sure can achieve it.

On there own website it states power given to them from the president and congress. They can declare federal emergencies for any reason they choose. They almost achieved this in 2008 during the fall of the republic. With unemployment so high and record numbers on welfare its amazing they didn’t.

They would not be able to move ahead as planned without orders like the Patriot Act, and other liberty trampling bills/ laws.

If they succeed in declaring a national state of emergency they can throw out the constitution. This is also documented on there website at (www.fema.gov) If the constitution is banned. They will be able to take our guns. Put us to work for government. Force us to serve in military. Kill our freedom of speech, And abolish all of our rights.

They also inherit more powers in a state of emergency. They get control of food, roads, schools, and even where you will live. FEMA will then be granted the power to get rid of any threats, protesters, militias, and rebels. That’s anyone not willing to cooperate, or release there rights.

Please take the time to search this information. Getting into this could save your life. We all should be aware of how close we are to martial law. The powers of congress, president and the bankers have got out of control. They need to be put in check. They work for us not the other way around.


Freedom Writer.


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