Alex Jones Live at Cocoanut grove

27 Oct

    Alex Jones Live at the Coconut Grove. Sold out crowd in Santa Cruz. He also did his Radio show live out there. He was electrifying the crowd striking cores deep.

    Alex pleads to all to get his message out. He spoke his usual words of wisdom. And took questions from the audience. He was trying to get the crowd fired up and united as one. He speaks to all. Saying its time everyone comes together.
    Black, white, Latin, Asian, Christian, atheist, young, old, every liberty seeking individual should come together as one. Its time. He said he needed us we said we needed him.

    This rising and revolution now getting to big not to be noticed. We are causing them to speed up plans make mistakes and expose themselves. More and more every day they step in the light just a little bit more. Slowly America is waking up from there comatose state of mind.

    Check it out online at or at to see video of this Celebration of Ideas to Freedom.

    Freedom Writer.


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