60’s to Sexty’s

3 Nov

Its 1960 Elvis is Pushing the Envelope with his hip and pelvic thrusting. The world is going Crazy over Marilyn Monroe. People didn’t discuss bedroom activities, or adult acts. Showing some leg was considered bad. Now we have sex and half naked people on ads television, and commercials.

The R rated movie used to be highest rated. Now we get non rated movies. Which I think if your buying or renting a movie you should have free choices. When it comes to public broadcast television I think we need some restraint.
Family guy, Neighbors from hell, degrassi, and many other shows are pushing the envelope. Trying to break our traditions and cloud our judgments and morals. Wholesome television does not exist anymore.

This is what they want us reduced to as a society. With no moral values, inhibitions altered. We need to keep our children safe that is a parents main priority. We need to show them the way and the media, and cables direction is not the way.

I was checking recent polls and Americans on average watch 4 to 8 hours of TV day 28 hours a week. (Big site of amazing facts statistics) They are watching Family Guy, Tequilas shot of love, big brother, or sports. Well the numbers speak for themselves as to why we are all zombified and commotose.

It doesn’t take much for TV to start effecting our lives. Instead of doing things most Americans just watch others do it. The television is our own Matrix. We must wake up and experience life.

Sex flooded our TVs and minds. Why wouldn’t it hit our phones. Texting was a new age way to communicate. Sex is what we are exposed to and branded to believe its not sacred. Then we are taught to loose our inhibitions and fault morally. Why wouldn’t this lead to our 10 and 12 year old children sexting. Sending naked pictures and making porn before there 15. Society says this ok so we should agree.

Freedom Writer.


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