Internet Taken Hostage

3 Nov

Internet being over run and supposedly saved by government. Once again they are stepping up to take away our freedoms. Obama Said that if we are to survive these internet threats that we should hand it over to the government so they can keep us safe from an attack.

The Pentagon and White House have been under attack by hackers and viruses. Some of the viruses are targeted at them. Some of them are accidentally opened through emails.

This is not new all securities and web content has been under attack. We have managed to fight them off so far. What makes this time any different.

Obama has been trying to get blackberry to team up with government agencies. Rim has the only secure company with no government hands in there affairs. They supply a secure network with encrypted messages and emails when sent on there network.

Obama believes that combining government agencies with the private sectors will create a safer web and internet. I see this as a way to block the US and limit are access of info viewed. Freedom of Press, Speech, Religion being infringed upon.

What do you think of this? What will happen when and if Government controls the World Wide Web?

Freedom Writer.


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