How to Lower your Sex Drive

4 Nov

Many men and women are suffering from the same problems. Most just to afraid to discuss it with anyone. If you ask around most couples have a partner male or female. That wants to have sex more.

The other obviously does not. When did it become a bad thing to want your partner all the time. Recent internet searches of mine. Have found that there are posts all over abut this topic. Most stating that is affecting there relationships. Many seem lost and looking for answers or at least guidance.

I always thought that if you didn’t want your partner sexually. Then there was a problem. Which most times is not the case. The partner that does not want sex as much usually is just stressed, or feeling unsexy to themselves.

Well if you must lower your sex drive shall I suggest talking with your partner about it first. If still arriving at this conclusion, then do so with caution. There are many articles on the internet that suggest using Anti-Depressants as a libido suppressor. I strongly advise against this do to the many side effects of prescription drugs.

One of the natural remedies I’ve seen is Black Licorice do to that fact that it lowers testosterone. Herbal ways of lowering your testosterone, or raising your estrogen. Will help with this also. Check on herbs that do ither of these things. This should help.

Some sites recommend masturbation. I say if your going to masturbate do it in front of your partner this way it encourages them to participate. Also shows you’re not hiding anything. I also am wary of this option do to the fact it may make you want it more.

What do you think about these remedies? Do you have any of your own? Does this topic affect or include you?

More coming soon ( also keep an eye out for How to raise your Libido!)

Freedom Writer.


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