5 Nov

This is info from a source of mine. Given to me yesterday but wanted to check sources. This is for real so be AWARE!!!

QUESTION: When in U.S. History has a sitting President taken off on an overseas
trip for an extended period of time, with 65 airplanes, 34 warships reportedly
3,000 people including his friends and cohorts, at the pinnacle of an economic
and political upheaval?

ANSWER: Never!

So what’s up? Yesterday I received a call that should sound the alarm for even
the most “comatose in La La Land”. A pastor (known to the gentleman who called
me) had been called into a very prominent East Coast bank to tell the pastor by
one of its top people at the bank that a bank holiday is coming as early as Nov

The bank official has been friends with this pastor for a long time. The only
thing that was said, was for the pastor to realize that once the banks reopened,
that all withdrawals by checks would be limited to $500 per week – no matter
what the balance in the account is. No period of time for the length of the
Banks closures were given. Couple this information with information posted last
year on Q-Files site from major Mid-west banking consortium it dovetails

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have been paying attention to France, Britain,
Ireland and Greece, which at this point are the poster children for financial
rioting, can you even begin to imagine the ramifications of Financial Rioting In
the U.S? [Mr. Bernanke proposes to solve our economic problem by injecting
another $1 trillion of liquidity over the coming year, on top of the $2 trillion
in new Federal Reserve credit already created during 2009-10]. The once hidden
attack ,now in plain sight, against world finances, is in full scale operational
mode in order to destroy by design, all national currencies and to bring on “A

Once again consider our mutual dependence upon electronic verification of every
sales transaction, credit card purchase and bank deposits and or withdrawals.
Whether most understand or comprehend, most wealth on financial statements and
balance sheets are numbers, computer entries and IOU’s of dubious quality. Think
about the old adage –“Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law”. In other words, if
it’s not in your hands it’s in some one else’s hands no matter how much you try
and rationalize it away!

This is a defining moment. AMERICA IS BANKRUPT! and the rest of the world is no
longer willing to go along with QE Quantitative Easing, which means printing
money out of thin air with nothing to back it up but global war. Every nation
that has tried to print its way out of an insurmountable debt situation ends up
embroiled in internal war and usually under the leadership of a dictator who is
as willing to spill the blood of his countrymen, as fast as he prints more
worthless currency!

The reason you all have a sense of SOMETHING BIG getting ready to happen is the
fact that it is HAPPENING NOW.

When all commerce ceases, no goods are on the store shelves and all
transportation comes to a silent stop. Then it will be clear, even to those who
don’t yet get it, that the only ones who will be eating will be those who have

Freedom Writer.


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