GQ2 News

5 Nov

Many have heard of the fema camps. Most are not aware of these new little cities, or work live spaces going up all around us. Smart living or controlled living. The idea at first sounds good. Until you realize we will not have a choice.

There are many GQ2 sites and sites a like being built. They are giant live n work facilities. Everything you need will be there. Stores, bars, work, recreation, and anything else you can think of. Except freedom, oh yeah and eventually you will not be permitted to leave.

There are also some of these being built in rural areas. They are built with a community in the middles of large forest and greenland. People are not allowed to enter the green zones. No human contact with these areas.

How would you like to be stuffed into an area with others some you may know others you will not. Forced to live together, work for the company or government who owns your site. There will be no cars. Electricity will be supplied, but limited and controlled. Smart grids will limit your use of electricity and at any time they can just flip a switch and turn us all off.

Right now they are letting people choose to live in these sites, areas, or communities. What ever you call them. Trying to show they are good. Look people love them. They are preparing the mind to except this as ok.

Gateshead Council is building and looking to build more of these communities. FEMA is not the only one involved in trying to compact and incarcerate us.


Freedom Writer.


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