9 Nov

China talks down on fed for printing money out of thin air. An article courtesy of (Reuters). Discusses how china feels about the fed and other info.

Obama responded saying that he thinks they are doing the best thing for our economy. I guess no one else but Obama and his people know what to do. We can see by looking at all media outlets. This is not a good idea!

Many of the G20 countries disagree with what Bernake and others are trying to do. Printing more money will cause inflation. This is also fueling an already ongoing currency war. Nothing more than attempt to devalue the dollar further.

Gold and Silver continue to rise. The dollar continues to fall. SDR’s seem closer and closer to be the next currency. A partially gold backed currency to continue the globalist plan.

Ron Paul will hopefully be able to hold some These corporate corrupt elite accountable. If he can get a chance to audit the FED. The Fed is the only Private organization to have never been Audited. Many people until a few years ago thought The Federal Reserve was a government entity, not private.

Freedom Writer.


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