Cheap Food Ideas

15 Nov

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 324px"Yummmmm! Chili!

Yummmmm! Chili!

Food Is an important part of every humans life. No matter what continent or country you come from you have to eat. Well if your gonna eat what the heck might as well taste good. If you can why not also make it cheap and affordable.

As a father of two fairly picky eaters. I know what its like to have to cook and the nightmare that’s comes along with it. Cleaning up is part of the fun to(not). This is not a diet of any kind. I am an omnivor so its gonna have meat in it. If you would a certain genre of menu let me know and I can cater to a specific diet.

I Like to try all foods food I haven’t tried before, and even food I have tried before and didn’t like. My taste buds are constantly changing and there are foods that I never liked and now eat. Also some foods I no longer like or appreciate. For years I didn’t cook or want spaghetti for any meal. My parents weren’t the highest paid people and we never starved. But we did eat the same foods over and over and over I think you get it.

Some Books one cheap cooking are
“Lost Recipes”, “Cheap Food Fast”, “Desperation Dinners”, “Feed Your Family Fast 10$ Meals”, “More With Less Cook Book”, Website for cheap food recipes, techniques, and books.

    1.). Chili For 6 Bucks For 4. Turkey 10 if using beef. Pinto beans, canned tomatos, onion, herbs,and spices. Tips available online for cooking the beans.

    2.) Spaghetti 10$ ground beef or 7$ ground round. Cheap store brand noodles maybe use wheat if cheaper. Get sauce or make your own sauce for even cheaper meal.

    3.) Chicken And Veggies. 12$ Whole chicken small or medium. Get Vegetables of choice. Bake for healthier meal.

    4.)Tuna Helper is very cheap. Large can of tuna is 5 or 6$. I use a small can and fill up on noodles. Use store brand noodles. Use cheap cheese and your total should be about 11$ a little cheaper if using small can.

    5.)Stews can be expensive but they can ate for left overs most of the time so that’s makes it half price. Stews are great in the winter.

    6.) Ham and beans.

    7.) French toast

    8.) Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.

    More ideas coming soon with tips as I take notes while I’m cooking some of these recipes I find. I also will get some video while I’m cooking. And add it to my new incredible Youtube page Kick Ass You Tube Page

    Freedom Writer.


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