Do it Don’t Watch It

18 Nov

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 324px"America Must Wake Up!

America Must Wake Up!

How many people are tired of reality tv? I’m tired of television shows seeing a record number of viewers. It seems the attempt at slowing us down is working. The sheeple seem to be falling right in line. I think its time to stop watching all this active stuff and start doing some things ourselves.

If you read my article Zombie America. You will see why we are on stall as a society. Also in my future articles about each cause mentioned in Zombie America. The point of this article is not the cause, it is aimed to help us get back to nature, action, problem solving, and working with our hands. It has been proven that getting down in the dirt and getting dirty releases chemicals and causes you to feel happy. Also when you go camping your body and brain do the same thing.

All the things you enjoy watching on TV. (That are safe and not illegal) You should get out and try them. Get off your arse and get moving. You will feel better and that is the most important thing. It makes sense that doing all the stuff you enjoy watching on TV would be beneficial to your health. The brain is not made to just sit plugged in to some television or computer screen all day and night.

The matrix is what the entertainment industries goal is. They wish to be able to stream ads straight to our brains. If we keep going on in the direction that we are headed. The goal they have made will be achievable. We are the only ones that can save ourselves. I guess what I’m trying to say is UNPLUGG get out there and get some fresh air. Take your family on a picnic. Go fishing. Build some stuff.
Buy a real Christmas tree.

I will give some links to camping and other outdoor activities me and my family enjoy.

    1.) The Zoo Link to Stl Zoo

    2.) Science Center Link to Stl S. Center

    3.) Ice Skating Steinberg Rink Link Stl

    4.) Shooting or Hunting Usa Hunting Website

    5.) Gardening Link To Backyard Gardener

    Children are the ones that are really suffering. The amount of Hands on class rooms has dramatically dropped. There are less Shop Classes, less welding courses, no auto shop, music classes, art classes. Why are we letting our children down. They are not getting the education to function in a society without all these electronics and helping hands. What happens when we are forced to live without all the technology of today. The children and even young adults will be lost. They WILL NOT know how to SURVIVE.

    Freedom Writer.


One Response to “Do it Don’t Watch It”

  1. Maribeth Telles December 11, 2010 at 10:56 PM #

    Really interesting post, thank you for putting plenty of time into writing it, it really is much valued

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