Raise Your Libido

18 Nov

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For Adult Use Only

When doing a past article “Lower your Libido” I came across many people who thought they were alone with this problem. When in fact there are many forums, blogs, and others who are going through the same problems.

Raising your libido or sex drive seemed to be more common. Its also seemed to be more of a problem. People commenting that it was causing problems in there relationships. Its best to discuss with your partner any problems you are having. Then together you can figure out a way to address this issue. “Libido is often thought of as a single-person event, but it’s really a couple-related phenomenon,” says Dr. Harry Fisch, a leading New York urologist and author of The Male Biological Clock.

I would suggest if you need to raise your sex drive. That you look for a natural way to do this. Medications always have so many possible side effects. They also do not test most of these drugs extensively. To many times you see a drug released, and then 1 or 2 years later some times sooner. There is commercial on TV saying ” If you or someone you know have taken_____ Please contact us. We have a mass civil suit against the makers.”. Or ” There is a massive recall on_____. If you or someone blah blah blah”

Some good ways to raise your libido

    1.) Feast on figs. A favorite aphrodisiac with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, figs are said to build up sexual stamina due to their high amino acid content.

    2.) Draw the curtains. And have sex in the afternoon. “That’s when your sex hormones are at their highest,” says Val. “Pop the kids in front of a video, or better still, pack them off to your parents’ or a friend’s house for the afternoon, and get down to it.

    3.) • Liquor • Bananas • Chocolate • Oysters • Radishes • Caviar • Asparagus or any other aphrodesiac.

    4.) Provacyl can help you boost your sex drive.

    5.) The best option, however, is to get the body to produce more testosterone on its own. Before you even consider medical alternatives.(Men Only)

    Men and women are both very different. That includes sex also. With women the problem tends to be more out side influenced. For example; Stress or medical things like migraines. I don’t mean the fake headache ither. Sometimes it may just be because she doesn’t feel sexy. Also a little romance goes a long long way.

    There are many more things I could mention. I could mutter on for pages. You can just google libido if these remedies don’t work for you. Once again I urge you to be careful before you use any drugs to solve the problem. Also remember the relationship should be what’s important not the sex. Sex is the BONUS and a good one.

    Freedom Writer.


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  1. HGH November 18, 2010 at 11:20 PM #

    Good post. I like the article. Keep posting good stuff.

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