Top Ten Reasons You Should Own Private Gold

18 Nov

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Ten Reasons you should own Private Gold

One: Gold is the cheapest insurance against inflation and declining paper currency worldwide.

Two: Gold carries a six thousand-year history as the only real and lasting money in the world. Paper currencies have come and gone, governments have toppled, the world map has changed many times and yet gold still thrives in almost every country.

Three: Gold maintains purchasing power far better than any paper currency. An ounce of gold ($20 U.S. Gold coin) buys a man’s suit at any time in U.S. history. Try to do that with a $20 paper bill!

Four: Gold is the ultimate store of wealth. Central Banks continue to maintain HUGE reserves of gold.
( Common sense begs the question WHY? )

Five: Real value / Low Risk
When gold peaked near $850 per ounce in February of 1980 the Dow was under 1000 and the Dow to gold ratio was 1 to 1. [Ounces of gold necessary to buy one share each of the Dow’s thirty companies. The current ratio is 24 to 1. This is an extremely undervalued commodity in relation to stocks.]
Truly a buyer’s market!

Six: Gold is totally private, highly portable and completely liquid.
This can be said of no other store of wealth!

Seven: The ballooning US trade deficit. The US is officially the largest debtor nation in the world. When foreign money leaves the market because of the fear of inflation, the loudest noise heard will be the sound of the dollar crashing.

Eight: Record volume of gold trading.
Demand for gold is at an all-time high. [World Gold Council figures] Trading volume for gold averages 12 Billion dollars daily! More volume than NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX Combined!

Nine: Volatile US Stock Market.
A famous comedian once said; “The only difference between Wall Street and Las Vegas is that Vegas has better floor shows.” Playing the stock market is a gamble—cover your bets with the safety of gold.

Ten: By not having private gold in your portfolio, you are placing your complete trust in the Feds to maintain a fiat paper currency that gets progressively weaker. Their shaky record of fiscal policies speaks for itself.

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