Sustainable Living Centers or Communities Popping Up Everywhere(Green is the New Hitler)

23 Nov

<div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 324px"Green The New Green

Green The New Green

I posted an article about this company I found that was going around the country. They were building Large very Large Sustainable Living Cities. GQ2 Article Link

We have them going up all over here in the Midwest. Some for gardening, and others for city and factory work. They are Sold as Greener living facilities. They are good. Until they are forcing you in there and locking it down like a prison. They will make it seem to be for our own good. This will be for our safety. Remember though in the 1930’s and 1940’s thats what the Germans where telling the people when they were rounding them up like cattle. Are you going to just follow along like SHEEPLE? Or will you stand up and say no?

By then it may be to late. That’s why we must begin to prepare now. I started preparing the day my eyes were opened to the Tyranny. Sometimes you must backtrack to Advance Forward. Its not about your possessions. Its about your safety. See what will be important when the country has fallen. Electricity and internet would be down. Highways and Gas stations Shut down and monitored by military personnel. Now what’s seems important is not what was important yesterday.

Sustainable Living or Future Prisons? You can decide for yourself. Fema camps are not our only worry. Government is building and constructing areas for citizens all across America. Many with different names and many with different concepts. Transition Towns, Transition US, Sustainable Design, and so on. Although the idea of these towns are great and a great concept. I feel the military or privatized army will eventually be placing us in these places. No longer will it be a choice. Then one of these alphabet companies will declare all the land not designated for humans is off limits to humans. No Go Zones.

Some of these communities already have shut down outside influence. They never have to leave they have even been permitted to create there own currency. Most people that live there do not have vehicles. Only the top of the chain will has motorized vehicles. Not all of them are the same and some have taken it farther then other. Some live completely of the grid. Others are on there way.

Maybe some Freedom Communities would be a good idea. Start this within our movement. Create safe havens and Constitutionally Strong Communities. We can also make a currency. Govern ourselves. It does not sound to bad. None GMOs Foods, Non Fluoridated Water, Rights to Bear and Wear Arms. That’s a future I see

Freedom Writer.


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