Chuck Norris VS’s TSA

24 Nov

I wonder what will happen when the TSA Violates Chuck Norris? Probably nothing because Chuck Norris is such a BAD A*S He can fly. (Lol)

Chuck Norris is so BAD A*S the TSA uses him as a scanner.(Lol)

Chuck has been on the Alex Jones show a few times. Especially since writing his book Black Belt Patriotism
I wonder what he has to say about this. I bet TSA Goons really are scared to search him. They see him and pick the old lady behind him. ” You have been chosen at random for further search and screening.”

I know that if these people where to fondle my wife or my child. I would need a lawyer and some bail money. It would be absolutely worth it. I wonder how far the courts would take it in prosecuting a person. I would choose a jury of my peers take the stand have my child or wife who ever was searched take the stand. There is no way I would be convicted. It would be a crime of passion. He touched my child and I snapped. Convict a man defending his Constitution and protecting his family. I don’t think so.

Chuck probably flies personal aircraft and does not even worry of these changes. Alex should have him on and ask him how he is treated. Ron Paul already told us where he stands on the issue. He also stated he too is fondled and harassed. He is also preparing a Bill for TSA restrictions. Limiting them back to where they are not violating the passengers flying.

I can see a new movie now. ( I walked into the airport and everyone was naked. The new rules of air and ground transportation. To fly must remove all articles of clothing. Pat downs still necessary. The whole world is happy because there is no terrorism. Yeah we are naked but at least we are safe. Thank you Our Dictatorship. Government has made the world safe once again with TSA MAN.

Or even better the movie starts and some old 70’s porn music comes on. Are you ready to fly. Get naked and be safe.TSA its fairly close to TnA. Come fly with TSA and Get Fondled Today. Naked Scanners and Strippers every where.

I just can’t wait to see how far they take this. If we don’t stop them in there tracks It is all over. We will have lost this war and America was to asleep.

TSA TODAY FEMA CAMP TOMORROW? WHEN WILL YOU STAND UP? <div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 410px"No Bull Sh*t Here

No Bull Sh*t Here

Freedom Writer.


One Response to “Chuck Norris VS’s TSA”

  1. pat November 30, 2010 at 5:35 AM #

    Can’t stop Chuck! Nothing can.

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