What Are You Doing To Prepare (Tips and Suggestions)

24 Nov

The question is. What do we do to prepare for the future? What will help save our lives? If when it all comes down to it and we are all wrong. All of us conspirators are crazy wrong. No harm no foul. But if we are right. If we are even close to right. There are dark days ahead of us. I think I would rather prepare and nothing happen. Then get caught with my pants down.

I started to prepare as soon as I found out what was going on. I was amazed at How insane the government and the Elite were. Even if this conspiracy don’t apply to you. Say you think the Government is all peachy. Wouldn’t still be a good idea to prepared for disasters of any kind. Storms, Tornados, Floods, Hurricanes, Ice, Drought, Economic, Earth Quake, any disaster can be crushing, and we should all be prepared for these things.

Plus if we took it upon ourselves to be prepared at all times. Then there would not even be a need for FEMA. If we could disband, neutralize Fema then part of the threat could be taken out. I know that DHS would just step in. Then put another private non elected alphabet group in charge.


Fusion Centers, FEMA Camps, TSA Illegal searches, Military Check Points, UnPatriot Act, Federal Reserve, Voting Fraud, Warrant less Check Points, and the list goes on. What will you do to secure your safety in these trying times? What tips do you have for others? Together we can rise above Tyranny. Together we can make a stand for Freedom. Let’s work together to preserve of Liberties and our Freedoms.

Fox News Article About Fusion Centers Going to Far

American Civil Liberties Union On Fusion Centers

LA Times On Fusion Centers Link

Institute for Intergovernmental Research
It even went Global

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No Bull Sh*t Allowed

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