Thanksgiving (Car not so thankful)

26 Nov
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No Flying for my family and I. We had to travel this Thanksgiving and Flying was out of the question. So we drove down to see some of our family. Rain was pouring down the whole trip. The highways we were on luckily were not very crowded. The trip at first was very enjoyable. We all was singing and having fun.

About half-way to our destination my car was not very thankful for the trip. My CV-Joints or something went out. I was going down the interstate and then this noise starts. Its a clunk clunk almost like a belt broke on the tire. So here I am on the side of the road freezing my arse off. Oh yeah did I mention the rain had now changed to snow. This was our fist snow of the year. If I was not driving it would have been nice. We had snow last year on Christmas, but thanksgiving snow is not to common here. So….. I am on the side of the road looking at everything I can trying to find the issue. Snowing like crazy wind blowing. I can’t see anything wrong tires look good. I got back into car.

We had been driving a while and we were over half-way there. So we didn’t know what to do. We called everyone and explained why we would be running late. The car was still movable so I wanted to get off the Interstate. Hopefully find a mechanic shop. I would leave the vehicle there until the next day when everything opened back up. So I’m driven in the slow lane going about 35 or 40mph. I had finally found a speed that was keeping tension on the joints, and made the noise stop.

I traveled a while no exits in sight. About an hour I began increasing speed without realizing it just cruising along. Next thing I knew I was doing the speed limit. No noise no problems. I exited at the next exit. Looked all around the car checked the tires. I seen no visible evidence of a problem. I drove on a few side streets at different speeds and no problem. We went to a gas station and gassed up, used the restroom, and gather our thoughts.

My wife called my Father in law and told him that the problem had stopped. He said he didn’t know what it could be or have been. He is a mechanic and restores antique cars. He told us we should get it looked at. We decided to drive it anyway no shops or stores open due to Thanksgiving . If the problem came back we would stop again anyway. We drove all the way there no more problems.

We drove home and I did take it easy but still no problems. I can’t believe the car just stopped doing the problem. We still are going to have it looked at. Its just crazy because we sat on the side of the road for an hour. Good thing the car still ran so my wife and kids weren’t freezing. I was not so much worried about myself.

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