Bloodline Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene Controversy

3 Dec

Bloodline a documentary about Mary Magdalene, Knights of the Templar, Jesus Christ. It was very interesting. The quest for truth and knowledge has always been appealing to me. (Link To Purchase)

This sparked my interest a little further on this topic. So I began to search around and read up. I came across what are believed to the Gospels of Mary and others. The Gnostic Gospels, The Nag Hammadi Library. I also began looking into the Vatican. I came across things regarding a black Pope. There are many different interesting points of view. You have to make up your own mind. Let your faith guide you in determining what is real or true.

The second teachings of Christ were interesting to me as well.

They all claim they have evidence and they make it very convincing. Also cameras can do a lot of magic tricks. Just be wary! I personally believe that there is a god. I am not Catholic or any other denomination. I just believe in a higher power. Greater than ourselves. I think that at certain times you can feel it.

The Rings of PowerLink To Free Video show a very different view regarding Jesus and other historical Religious figures. This is also a documentary that covers many other subjects. This movie discusses a bloodline and a power structure. The female in this movie is very believable. I have searched a lot of her facts and they check out. Not the religion stuff I have no way of proving that.

Jesus and Religion amongst people is a very touchy subject for discussion. We need to get a handle on how far we take religion because it can be used against very easily. It is just one tool they have in their shed. Just remember if something in the sky tells you its Jesus. It probably your government and the end is coming. Project blue beam is an example of this.
Link To Project Blue Beam And More

Also be very cautious of anything that may occur on Dec 21st they will use this day to advance most likely.

Freedom Writer.


2 Responses to “Bloodline Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene Controversy”

  1. Marianne December 3, 2010 at 9:23 AM #

    I hope you know that the gnostic gospels were written 300 years AFTER the time of Christ, meaning that NONE of the writers were the original disciples.

    So, even though these names were given to the gospels, the writers were from a later era.

    This means they were fantasy.

    However, I am sure it made a great movie.

    • nobullblogger December 3, 2010 at 2:51 PM #

      Yes I seen that were found in 1946. They were wrote in the second or third century. At least that’s what they were carbon dated according to wikipedia. Link To Wiki Article.

      I have read them and did not say I believed in them or used them as religious tools. I just questioned how they were wrote off as fake or not important. I don’t use any texts written by man, because I do not trust them. I do have a personal relationship with God through other ways.

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