Ventura Show Fema

3 Dec

Infowars.comDecember 3, 2010 Two more search terms initiated on the Alex Jones Show have topped Google Trends this Friday, December 3rd, with “Ventura show FEMA” reaching number 1 and “feminizing uranium” reaching number 2. Both terms deal with explosive information about the TruTV program Conspiracy Theory. Here’s why: 1. VENTURA SHOW FEMA — On the one hand, the show’s bombshell “Police State” episode exposing government authorized FEMA camps and fusion centers has been censored and blacklisted from encore airings following behind the scenes government pressure.

2. FEMINIZING URANIUM — This term correlates with Gov. Ventura’s groundbreaking TruTV investigation into the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy” which airs tonight FRIDAY, DEC. 3 AT 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST. Behind an apparent agenda to pacify and control the population, dangerous toxic substances including uranium, fluoride and lithium have been found in public water supplies, or are being proposed. Mass medication through water is a violation of human rights, as are the privatization schemes to capitalize on the globe’s “blue gold.” Read more here: Shocker: Feminizing-uranium, fluoride & lithium in water to be exposed on Ventura TV show

Thanks to listeners again for their support. Conspiracy Theory is a key front in the fight to educate the ignorant public about relevant issues. Already we have seen that powerful, real information is released weekly on the program– from the Bilderberg group to JFK to FEMA camps, eugenics and much more. But there is a battle to control or kill that show as well, so please demonstrate your support for the program and get it out to your contacts while you still can.

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