Republican Agenda For The 112th Congress (CSPAN Live)

7 Dec

Chester Finn, Bill Kristol, Lemar Alexander, at the Hudson Institute. Discussing a book wrote by Lemar. It is the outlined plan for the Repulicans and it shows the agenda for the 112th Congress. Big issues and Government Reform are part of this agenda. Among the issues are Education, Entitlement Programs, Earmarks, Entrepreneur ship, Jobs, Budget, Federal Reserve, Restoring the Constitution, and limiting Government back to Constitution standards.

The mood in the atmosphere was light and bright. They were democrat and bush bashing. Discussing why does Federal Government put there hands in what children are eating in schools. If you want to worry about that get involved locally. This is an issue that’s not Washingtons business. “Washington can’t help schools unless we plan to send troops into the schools” Checker Said.

Why is Washington feeding children breakfast. If the parents can’t pull together a bowl of cereal and a banana then they should be arrested for criminal negligence. This a problem that has bipartisan support with no thought. We should not be spending tax payers money to feed 2 million children breakfast.

Many Repulicans seem to be interested in limiting government. State should have more power. Power needs to be shifted back to the people and away from Washington. Bill Kristol ” If we don’t have government reform the dollar will collapse. We can not have a 1.3 trillion dollar debt.” Even though the actual debt is much higher than that.

Many believe the Tea Party Movement or Constitutionalist Movement has brought new light on Government. It is as important as the original Tea Party created in the 1770’s.

In the words of many before me. The answer to 1984 is 1776.

No Bull Sh*t Here

No Bull Sh*t Here

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