Weather Modification

8 Dec
Telsa Lighting Man

Tesla Lighting Man

Oh yes another great controversial subject. Do we need to be messing around with nature anymore than we already have. They say we caused global warming. That its carbons fault. No its the suns fault. No one knows what is right and what is wrong. I even heard at one time some scientists thought that the globe might actually be cooling. What will they come up with next.

Many of the Global Policies being implemented upon us for weather modification are unconstitutional. They also are very dangerous. Dangerous to our atmosphere, and in most cases dangerous to our health. No matter if you are a skeptic or a conspiracist or are just finding out about it. Weather modification should be questioned by all.

If you take a look at the scientist Tesla and see where he was at in his time. You could only then imagine where we are probably at today. Its amazing to see how much technology has advanced us. But scary to see what path it will take us down in the future. Naturally made phenomenons like weather should remain just that natural.

I do not believe in Global Warming caused by humans. I have even seen some information stating that now we are experiencing global cooling. I honestly believe they are just trying to make more money. If we are just living then they are not making money. If we are fighting global something then somebody is making some cash.

Putting more stuff into the atmosphere to counter something scientists say we caused doesn’t make since anyway. If we are causing global warming then why do more. We can not know the reactions of this. The long term effects can not be foreseen. Try cutting down on what we are putting into the atmosphere already. See where the takes the next 20 or 30 years. Global warming is puzzling to me. This fall we have seen many weeks in a row with temperatures 19 degrees below our average for this time of year.

Does this look like a Government that cares for their citizens. GMOs, Water contaminants and additives, weather modifications, contaminated vaccines, leaked viruses, failed education, mortgage crisis, and so much more. This is the recipe for Tyranny. The non preservation of Freedom.

Freedom Writer.


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