Way To Go Alton City

10 Dec
Most Haunted Town In America

Most Haunted Town In America

Earlier this morning my wife and I were taking the children to school. When we noticed water gushing out of the ground and flowing across the road on belle street. It was ither a pipe burst or sewer back up. We looked on our way back to see if it was still gushing.

It was still spewing water like crazy. The water or area around it did not smell so I assume it was not sewer. The water also looked to be clear. I believe it was clean water.

The temperature is really low so I was worried about it freezing on the road. Maybe not today but tonight for sure. I told my wife I should call someone about it. She agreed and decided to call why I was doing some other things. When I took my wife to work three hours later they had already sent someone out to check on it. He was looking at it taking notes. He did not have the tools to fix this problem anyway. I guess he was just accessing the problem.

When I went back by again later to pick up the kids from school. There was a back hoe digging out a trench and the water had been shut off. They had also dug all the way down to the pipes.

I just want to say “It is very nice to have a city so quick to address this problem before it caused more larger problems. The issue could have wreaked havoc on us later in the evening. The temperatures will be below freezing and an ice over would have been inevitable. ”

Now I just wish they would realize how unsafe the water that was leaking is for us to be drinking. The Fluoride in the water is dangerous and should be removed immediately. More On Fluoride Dangers and Information Here

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