Another Letter Sent To All Area News Outlets

15 Dec

I sent this letter to many news outlets in my area and the surrounding areas. I never received a response from any of them not one. They just ignore me and all my letters.

Hello, my name is Josh Crane, I am an Alton /River Bend Area resident. I was wondering if you had any information on the air traffic over our area. They seem to be flying in patterns, at some times as many as six or seven at one time. When they fly, they leave trails behind all across the sky. I have heard skepticism about chem trails and com trail. I’m not sure what it is, but it is something. While they are doing this the trails begin to fan out. Today at 430, near my home, the trails completely blocked out the sun. I could see them floating and spreading out turning into a cloud like form. I need someone to investigate this please. Why is there all of this air traffic flying back and forth covering grid like areas? It almost seem like they are spraying something. This goes on almost everyday. I have taken many pictures and recorded footage on my video camera if you are interested. Please contact me, I will be waiting for your response. If not, I will try to investigate it more and get to the bottom of it. Something not normal is going on, please at least look into it. Thank you for your time and possible consideration.

Concerned Citizen
Joshua Crane

Freedom Writer.


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