Comment On Website About Marijuana

15 Dec
Kind or Kush Buds

Kind or Kush Buds

I will post the article I wrote about this. It will be available at This article will have many links to medical and scientific professionals. I believe it should legalized all together. Put a tax on it help us pay of some debt. I also agree that medically the rewards far out weigh the repercussions. Even with it being illegal. The rewards for some people are worth the risk. Migraines are a big issues, also bulimia.

Article coming soon check back later tomorrow.

Freedom Writer.


One Response to “Comment On Website About Marijuana”

  1. Deborah Dills January 31, 2011 at 11:47 PM #

    If we really think about it and put a tax on marijuana, like cigarettes and alcohol, we probably could get our nation out of debt. I agree that we should legalize marijuana. The only poblem would be that we need to find a way for the rich and powerful in this country not to be able make huge profits off of it, like they did with the housing bubble. They would specualte and trade the hell out of it. The prices would then sky-rocket beyond the reach of mainstreet.

    My sons smoke every day and find that is better for them as a way to relax than alcohol, which makes you have a hangover or headache. It is the” holier that thou “people in this country during the 1960’s ,that decided to make it an illegal drug.

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