Rainy Day Ideas

17 Dec
Its Raining Its Pouring

Its Raining Its Pouring

Have you ever been stuck in the house. Staring out the window all you see is rain or in my case recently ice or snow. The clouds are black, the sky is hazy, and day looks like night. You are now barricaded in the house by water bullets projecting from the sky. Held hostage by H20. A new meaning to water torture! Lol

Well here are some ideas or activities I enjoy. When the weather is down and out.

    1.) Playing a game with the kids. Sometimes board, card, dice, arcade, billiards, or other. If no kids play with companion.

    2.) Do Something artistic. Drawing, writing, painting, singing, playing instrument. Even if your not very artistic it can still be a great release.

    3.) Read a book . Its always great to acquire more knowledge. If you have the internet you search any and everything that pops in your head. (This doesn’t mean look at porn or download music.)

    4.) Write or read poetry. Start a book or write a short story. Fiction or non fiction if you have kids they can help write it and then you can read it to them.

    5.) Although not considered by most to be fun. Detailed cleaning is a good Idea. You can do somethings that you would not normally get to.

    6.) Watch some family movies or videos.
    You can do this with the kids also. They love to see themselves on TV.

    7.) Look at photo albums or load the album with photos.

    8.) Make a scrapbook, or a collage.

    9.) Bake something. My kids enjoy all dessert making. Cookies, cakes, cup cakes, brownies, pudding, jello, breads, or muffins. Be careful don’t eat to much while locked up.

    10.) Wii Fit or motion games. I would stay away from games that just use a controller and have no active activities. Kinnect for Xbox 360 is a new product. It is probably the most advanced for regular game consoles.

    Freedom Writer.


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