Dream Act (Immigration)

18 Dec
Say No To Open Borders

Say No To Open Borders

One Bill for lame duck session is the Dream Act Also called S.729 This has been a bill on the table that has had many names. Immigration reform or so they so. This is a bill that defeats the purpose of our borders.
Link To Bill at Open Congress

Other Bills I support:
• H.R.1207 Federal Reserve Trans… 37
• H.R.197 National Right-to-Car… 32 • S.J.Res.7 S.J.Res.7 19
• H.R.226 Broadcaster Freedom A… 14
Supporting Representatives
• Sen. DeMint [R-SC] 25 • Sen. Coburn [R-OK] 20 • Sen. McCain [R-AZ] 19 • Sen. Thune [R-SD] 12 • Sen. Graham [R-SC] 11 • Rep. Bachmann [R-MN] 16 • Rep. Boehner [R-OH] 11 • Rep. Ryan [R-WI] 10 • Rep. McCotter [R-MI] 7 • Rep. Biggert [R-IL] 7

(Letter I sent to Dick Durbin Illinois Sen. The Sponsor of the Dream Act)

I wish this would be voted upon by the constituents. Many of the citizens in Illinois I have talked with disagree with the Dream Act. We also believe the borders should be tightened. All of the federal money that is being spent on immigration reform and border security would be wasted if a bill such as this is passed. I was wondering where you stand on this issue now. I know that the bill has not been passed, but I believe another one will come up in the future. How can we get you to change your mind in the future? How many Illinois residents would it take for you to know where we stand on this issue?

Everyone should copy and resend it or write one of your own similar to this. And email it to your senators and Dick Durbin Email Link

Dick Durbin (312) 527-3667

Please share your comments and opinions with me.

Freedom Writer.


2 Responses to “Dream Act (Immigration)”

  1. Robert L December 19, 2010 at 4:35 AM #

    Since when did our legal system treat a child the same way we do an adult. The only reason to not want this act passed is pure bigotry. It does not “undermine” the reason for our borders. It would conditionally grant only about 65,000 High School Grads, AFTER a full FBI background check, etc. It would only allow those kind of people who would have been approved for a temp visa if they had been 18 and applied, and have barely even know the country they were born in, and have no ties to that country but family and lifelong ties here in the US. (Yes, a minimum of 5yrs living here-though most it would affect have been here 10 or more- to a 18 yr old is lifelong)
    Dont build this up to be the same as an amnesty.

    • nobullblogger December 19, 2010 at 4:59 AM #

      Since when? When they started trying 12 years olds as adults. That’s when. Not my call and I didn’t say I agree with that one.

      And yes it would undermine our borders.
      All the money spent there is wasted if this would have passed.

      You think the ones breaking the law are coming for themselves most are coming for their children to have better lives at our expense.

      Do they plan to pay for all the taxes their family has ducked. So we are telling them just hide out for ten to 18 years then we will make them citizens.

      What about being enrolled in our school systems for 5 to 15 years. Without their parents paying taxes. Do they plan to make someone pay them back.

      Also the scholarships and grants these students will be getting who pays for those. American tax payers that’s who. Their parents have never paid an tax. What about us? Our children don’t matter. They are having enough trouble paying for college but let’s pay for some more kids.

      Oh yeah let’s fund a whole task force just to do background checks and keep tabs on these approved for the program. Even more money spent when government should freeze some of this spending.

      Dream Act may not be Amnesty but it damn sure close.

      The bigot comment is a little childish just because you disagree with my views. I appreciate all other feedback though.

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