President Obama Live Press Confrence (12-21-10)

23 Dec

Mr. Obama delivered a short speech and took some preapproved questions today. I wonder why the questions were prescreened. That doesn’t say dictatorship or anything. Instead of letting reporters choose their own question. The government will just give them a question as they walk in the door.
Now that’s true journalism. Freedom of press at its finest. So let’s forget the fact that he gets to choose his own questions. Let’s get to his answers.

Why did congress pass a bill that allows people who make more than $200,000 a year have a tax cut. The let the rich get richer tax bill. He said. ” We had to pass a bill that gives everyone a tax cut or the democrats and some republicans would not pass it. So it was ither no tax cuts for anyone, or taxes cuts for everyone. I would like nothing more than to see people who are well off pay there taxes with no tax cuts. The people who really need the tax cut are middle and lower class families struggling to make it.

Hey Obama there is no middle class. If you really cared about us. Then quit infringing on our rights as free citizens.

Leave the internet alone. Free trade all around. Health Care Bill demolished, Federal Reserve Abolished, Separate military and police, separate church and state. All things we wish to have back or have done.

Then Obama we will be happy. Then you can honestly say your are trying to better America. Stop lying to our faces. That is just the tip. Start there and then we will see.

No Bull Shit Here

No Bull Shit Here

Freedom Writer.


One Response to “President Obama Live Press Confrence (12-21-10)”

  1. newsextra1962 January 26, 2011 at 5:26 PM #

    The questions being recieved in advance by our leader’s is the same IN England, the really big debate at the moment is Mass Immigration and the financial crisis we are facing, the government is now attacking the sick and the poor as usual, they need to do that to take away people’s interest in their corruption……

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