New Years Eve

31 Dec

The New Year is finally upon us. What will it bring? What will we do? Was the old year good or bad to you? How do you plan to celebrate? Will people make resolutions? If so will these resolutions be kept?

I don’t make resolutions. I have not took part in this tradition for many years. I don’t go out ither. This is what we in my area and probably others call “Amature Night”. It can be very dangerous out. Be careful if you do plan to go out to public events and places. There are a lot of people drinking on this night that normally don’t consume alcohol. That’s why I stay home and enjoy a nice Champagne. Me and wife will be child free. My parents asked if they could take our kids for the evening. They have a whole night planned for all there grand children.

We will probably just play scrabble or uno. Have a few drinks and enjoy sleeping in late. I guess that’s what happens when you start to get old. If you plan on going out be aware of drunk drivers, road blocks, and crowded places. Line up a designated driver or cab service before hand. Also don’t forget your I.D.

My area is known well for speed traps and road blocks on a normal regular weekend. So best believe that their will be plenty of them for the New Year weekend. I will periodically post the where abouts of these as I find out about them. I believe they are against our Constitutional Rights. They are unwarranted stops, searches, and seizures. If they want to sit on the side of the road and get people breaking the law that’s one thing but the checkpoints and roadblocks are to much.

I didn’t even watch the ball drop last year. I think I may watch it this year but its not very important. How do you feel about the ball drop and other new year traditions? Please share some of your traditions with me and the other viewers.

Freedom Writer.


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