Put Illinois to Work Ends January 15th

7 Jan

So the state put people to work for a short time period. Did any of these people get a job that is going to be available after the program ends? The Governor took it upon himself to spend more tax payer dollars on a program that had little or no chance of succeeding.
Put Illinois To Work Website Link

We need long term jobs.(CAREERS) are what we need. Job placement and apprenticeship. Employers that will hire knowing that the majority of employees are changing fields and adapting to layoffs and career switches. Many are very willing to retrain and learn a new skill.

The problem is finding employers that will meet these demands. Many small businesses can barely afford to keep the employees that they have. They definitely don’t have the funds to train and hire more people.

I believe a program like this can have great benefits. If it is well written and put together correctly. This was a quick fix to make a Governor look good right before an election. So he could say hey look see I put some people back to work. Now you can vote for me. Not even sharing with us the debt that it is adding to our already outrageous and unpayable deficit. 133 million Dollars added for the short run of the program. Leading to full time jobs for only 10% of those employed by the federal program. Chicago Tribune Article

I called my city officials and State and no one could tell me where we stood on the extension of this program. I also could not find out where the funding directly came from to payroll this program. I did however find out a few places where they were having people work. Most of the work was done to and around the projects in my area. They cleaned up, reroofed low income housing, trimmed trees, and other things in Alton Acres, Belle Manor, and up and down Belle Street. 19th Street, and State Street.

I was not aware of the available employment in my area until it was to late. From what I could tell 90% of the people hired for the program in the Alton area were minorities. The majority of them were African American. This seemed a little unfair. Not only was all the hiring being done without many of us being aware of this program that was being implemented in our area. Also the work that was being done in Alton. Was all being done in and around the Housing Projects.

This does benefit those living in and around these areas. I can say that it was nice to drive down belle and see all the trees trimmed. The roofs on the apartments also looked better and more attractive. Link To Article about where the money came from

Many other areas in the RiverBend need attended to!
Progress Illinois Link With Stats and Charts about PITW

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