Assange Afraid of Death Penalty in U.S.

13 Jan

Wikileaks Top Cracker/Hacker may face extradition to Sweden. Which then may lead to him being handed over to the United States. This is frightening to Assage because if he is extradited to the U.S. He may be executed.

Its hard to believe he may be executed for being a Journalist. In a land where Freedom of Speech used to be the cornerstone of our Country. One major thing our Founding Fathers made sure was in the Constitution. Just because many don’t like what he said he had the write to say it.

Even if some of the information was sensitive. If the Governments were not hiding so much from their people. Then this would not have been such a big leak. The way America chooses to handle this will reflect on her for the rest of her existence.

They may charge him as a Spy; Under the Espionage Act. No reporter in the United States has ever been charged as a spy. There are other charges they can slap on him too. These are some of the same charges used before.

It was used in 1984 to prosecute a US naval intelligence analyst, Samuel Morison, who gave top secret photographs of a Soviet aircraft carrier to a British publication, Jane’s Defense Weekly. Only Morison was prosecuted, not the publication. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

And in 2001, a former analyst for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Jonathan Randal, was prosecuted under that same law for giving unclassified information to a London newspaper. Once again, the newspaper was not charged. Randal pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year in prison. Another federal law makes it a crime to retain classified information that was obtained by improperly accessing it on government computers. The law applies only to the person who actually gets it from a computer and does not directly criminalize retaining classified information that was obtained by someone else. But some legal experts think it could be used to charge someone who’s an accessory after the fact.

The Death Penalty seems a little harsh. If they have to make an example out of him this is not the best way. I understand officials feel they have to do something. But we are already loosing our name as a Just and Fair country. America looks as if to have lost her Humanity.

    1.) Torture
    2.) No Due Process
    3.) Horrible Prison Conditions
    4.) President Almost Impeached
    5.) Governors in Prison
    6.) Others Facing Charges
    7.) School Shootings
    8.) Politicians Gunned Down
    9.) Numerous Murders
    And the list goes on

    We need to stop acting like an uncivilized society. The United States is a laughing stock. We are the butt end of the joke. We need to drag ourselves out of the trenches and get back to America The Beautiful.
    Its The United States of America
    Not The Divided States of Ameriduh.

    Freedom Writer.


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