Its Hard to find Chinese Currency!

26 Jan

One of my children is doing a research project on China. I was trying to locate just one Yuen, coin, or any other Chinese currency. It seemed almost impossible. I tried everything from coin shops to pawn shops. I then proceeded to call all banks local and in the big city. Still none available. I called the airport and since they are not international only a few select currencies were available.

The currency exchange in St Louis said they had no Chinese currency. If wanted to purchase some it would take seven weeks to receive. I also had to purchase at least one hundred dollars worth. With a high almost illegal exchange rate. Thanks for trying to rip me off again banks.

What is the deal with not being able to exchange just a few dollars or coins. I just it so my kid can finish her project. Well after looking and calling half across they state. I finally found some Yuan. I am looking at dynasty coins as well. Thanks to Vaughn Coins and Mike at this new shop. I will show some pictures of the money and the project at a later date check back.

Chinese Currency

Chinese Currency

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