United States May Follow Egypt and Tunisia Revolts

4 Feb

Will other countries take a page out of Egypt and Tunisia’s new book. Take it to the streets.

It looks like they may if the people are accomplishing what they set out for. Freedom, Constitutional Rights, Food, Electricity.

Its amazing to see that many of these people are just hungry. Some just want a job. Others would just like what has been promised to them.

The United States may follow soon. Austerity measures are being implemented across the nation. They are just under different names.

Instead of cutting spending of government non importance. They are attacking us where it hurts. While at the same time still lineing there pockets with more money. Illinois has the highest income tax out of all fifty states. Raised from three percent (3%) to five percent (5%). That is sixty six percent (66%) hike in taxes. Property taxes have also been raised. While other states are trying to lower taxes. We the most crooked state are raping our citizens.
Google Link To Illinois Tax Raise Articles.

So if it was up to me Americans would all ready be protesting. Almost everything government is doing should be protested. We need to shut them down. Peaceful demonstration is the way for now.

Freedom Writer.


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