When Peaceful Protest Is Not Enough (Fantasy, This article is fiction)

9 Feb

We need to also be prepared for when this time comes. If this time comes. So where do we even start. If you are doing nothing to advance the movement. They are winning. If you are doing even the smallest to help the cause then the 2nd step has already been taken.

Read the Constitution. Read the Declaration of Independence.
Link To Constitution
Link To Declaration of Independence

The 1st step is waking up and realizing that you are the resistance. This is no movie, real life is unfolding in front of your eyes. You want reality TV. Get out your video camera.

Step 2. Pick a side. Choose which future you want America to have. Tyranny or Freedom.

Step 3. Buy Guns, ammo, gas masks, food, solar energy, buy local, boycott large chains,

Step 4. Stay informed. Stay up to date. Look for many media outlets. Popular and secondary.

Step 5. Get your group and or Militia. Protect your rights and liberties.

Step 6. Create New Declaration of Independence.
Link To New Declaration of Independence

Step 7. Reimplement The Constitution.

Step 8. Reclaim United States and begin to rebuild and restore as the super power and the world leader. Technologically and more.

Each Step to be explained in full soon

Freedom Writer.


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