Everyone Is Talking About Egypt. What About The United States?

25 Feb

With the focus shifted to the middleeast just as we were told it would be. The united states is focused on a revolution. That does not affect us much. Other than the daily fluctuation of gas prices at the pump. They use any crisis or event they can.

It should be illegal to adjust gas prices so much and so easily. They get away with it though. No one says a word to them. We just pull up and pay what ever it says. Even though time and time again there have been studies done. People getting Less gas then told they received. Also gas companies and stations caught gauging prices. Keeping them high far longer then is needed or is the norm.

Let’s not loose focus on what we are fighting against on our own home front. We are in a war against oppression, tyranny, and our Freedoms are stolen from us daily. Government is Crooked. We have to stay the course. If we want to succeed.

We should how ever take a page from their book. Take to the streets demand our rights. Get rid of lying fake misleading presidents and politicians.

Freedom Writer.


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