Terror On The Streets

26 Apr

Terror has spilled over into the streets once again. People have succumbed to a new low. Some are starving, some are scared, and others have just went completely mad.

In past years looking back to the mid nineties. Just after the gangs were stifled. We started to see a decline in criminal activities. Rape, murder, kidnapping, and burglary statistics had begun to descend.

Just as our citizens had begun to calm down. We had started to get a handle on our streets, and in our communities. The politicians and federal employees began to run rampid with criminal activities.

For more than ten years the crime and unlawfullness had spewed out from the White collar muck. Creating a government less transparent then the Chinese. (The Chinese may be inhumane and ruthless. At least they are upfront and honest with the world about it. They don’t try and hide behind Democracy or this phantom word of Freedom. They lay it out straight forward and to the point.)

Well it looks like we have had enough of this. Citizens have decided if the Government and elites are going to be and remain crooked so are they!

I know people that I never would have thought them to hurt a fly. They are now in prison or awaiting trial. I also read about a few people with criminal pasts. They had been out of trouble with the law for decades. But since have had to resort back to a life of crime. They have been forced to break the law just to feed and shelter themselves.
Stealing food is not a crime. Having to steal food is a crime.

No person any person should be hungry. There is to much food and wealth in the world for us to be hungry. Or cold, or sick, or homeless.

Criminal-not so black and white anymore. What is a criminal? Who is a criminal? This is a hard term to define. Even harder questions to answer. To be a criminal you have to break a law. Disobey an order, law, rule, etc. Well what if the laws or rules are unlawful? What happens when the real culprits, the real criminals are the ones who make the rules, laws, and give the orders?


My Simple Answer*
We get the United States Government. That’s what we get! We get large prison systems flooded with every race, creed, and religion. We get starving people. Homeless, jobless, thoughtless, vengeful, hurt, sad, scared people!

Take a look at the news. Visit your local police station. See firsthand what’s going on. The gangbangers are bangin. The drug runners are running. Illegal guns are flooding our towns. All the while legal law abiding citizens are having trouble arming themselves against these dangers. Threats to our families and homes are going unanswered. Many are resorting to illegally obtaining weapons just to protect themselves. We can barely get a small pistol. In the streets you can obtain fully automatic machine guns, assault rifle, grenades, and rocket launchers. What is wrong with this scenario? What looks awkward here?

Good people have had to do not so good things. Just to survive!

Terror is on the streets. Terror is_Terrorists/ a threat to the American way of life.


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