Tap Water Fiasco

27 Apr

Dear Mayor_______,

My name is Joshua Crane. I am a concerned citizen of ______, Illinois. I am contacting you regarding a petition i wish to submit. How many signatures will be needed and how can i make sure it is a Legal and will be taken seriously. There are many concerns regarding the Fluoride added to our tap water. To many to list in this email. Would be willing to discuss in person or in a later email. Fluoride is added for dental fluorosis. I believe the Citizens of ______ can manage their own dental health without this added to the tap water. It is to be applied topically to the teeth through toothpaste. Not ingested. Why would we add it to water to be ingested. How does fluoride help our teeth in our stomachs, digestive tracks, and in our blood streams. I believe the negative of this additive far out weighs the good. We as Tax Paying Citizens should have the right to make a choice. Fluoride or No Fluoride.

Thank you for your time. Please respond!

Joshua Crane
______ Resident

This is a letter that was sent to my mayor. He has not responded yet. When he does i will post his reply.


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