Shut It Down

1 May

Shut It Down!

These three words seem to be all over the media this last month.
Congress had hit a wall.

Or did they. Well that’s what they want you to believe. Its really a stall tactic. One that works quite well. Delay congress. Then we can not get bills and laws passed. Parks close and we lose even more money. It shows that the two parties are more separated than ever before.

This is all a ploy. There are not two parties anymore. Well there are two somethings but they are not parties. There is Big Business and Little Business. Most Politicians are siding with Big Business. That is a real problem and has been for a few decades. Lobbyists have taken over our politicians and even our political process.

So honestly the best thing for our country would be to

Although congress is not the only problem. Mr Obama is a threat to national safety. Entering into wars without congressional approval. Passing unconstitutional bills, laws, and policies. He is also allowing the “Federal Reserve”
to continue there reign of terror. As one of the largest criminal enterprise today.

So do the world a favor and keep this promise. Shut yourselves down. Show us how felonious you can be.

We all knew that the threats of a shut down were just that threats.


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