Veri Chip

25 May

Chips they are not just for eating.

I was reading a article I found on the internet. It puzzled me, it also frightened the shit out of me. It reminded me of a conversation my grandmother and I had. This was about 20 years ago.

I must have been 7 or 8 at the time. She used to sit in her rocking chair and tell me stories. Give me advice or just talk. She said the devil will try to turn you away from god. It is a fight Good Vs Evil. Evil seems to be getting the upper hand here on earth.

She said she thought I would see the end of days in my life time. She said soon honey, we will experience the wrath of God. Our final judgment is close.

She preceded to tell me that I should never take the Mark of The Beast. I asked what is the mark of the beast. The number is 666. I said its a number the mark is a number. Just stay away from a number seems easy enough. She said well its not really a number. It can be anything. Oh now I don’t get it! Humorously said. Now I am even more confused.
She told me she thinks the mark will be in the form of a chip or implant. How could she even know this or think this almost 20 years ago. What would have made her think this. She passed away about 9 years ago. I wish she was here to ask her. Well I just wish she was here. I could only imagine what she would be thinking and saying about the state of the world.

Mother Nature releasing her fury on the her inhabitants. Man and creature feeling her swift strikes. Volcanos, Earthquakes, Tornados, Typhoons, Hurricanes, and even record droughts. These natural occurring events have become stronger, larger, more frequent, and more violent.

She always told me that we would see forces like nothing before. The Seven Seals, Armageddon, The Coming of the Messiah, End of Days, call it what you like. She said in my lifetime I would witness the persecution of Christians, The Return of The Messiah, and Heaven on Earth.

Do you think there are signs? Are these storms and disasters natural or man made? Give us your take on this mess of world.

Now back to the Chipping. VeriChip-a company that installs micro chips (RFID) . These micro chips contain information. What ever information they deem necessary or important. This could include medical records, financial records, criminal history, emergency contacts, ancestry and family history, school transcript, voice scan, retina scan, and much more.

Here are some companies producing and manufacturing these micro chips. VeriChip, and Digital Angel are the most popular. They have many names which they act under. A simple name change and the chips are being pushed again. The FDA at first let us believe they were safe. Now have since released reports and. Information saying they do not support the implants. That has not stopped many groups, organizations, and parents from using these RFID microchip implants.

I can see numerous negative reasons for these implants not to be used. I can find medical and spiritual reasons. I also can recognize several security risks associated with them.

Biometrics added with RFID=Total Control

We are possibly looking at a Police State. (Take a look at George Orwells 1984)

This Chip costs about 200 dollars. But for some reason Organizations or Secret Societies (call them whatever) are giving them out like vaccines. Implant your kids we that will keep them safe. Hungry we will feed you just chip your kid.

Police hold free safety child identification program.

FBI Teams up with Walsh to help kidnapped children. By implanting children who have not been kidnapped.

Ford Dealerships Across the Nation Sponsor Child Safety Program. They will provide retina scanning, identifications cards and bracelets. They also will fingerprint your child. DNA samples may be stored. Teeth prints will be copied.

I seen news reports of people volunteering to put this in themselves and their children. I also see people paying for this so they have automatic locks and computers without passwords. The computer recognizes the chip and knows that you are there. The door will automatically unlock when you walk up to it.

Masonic Lodges Nation Wide are implanting children. They are also storing all the data. Keeping it safe. Who are they? They are not the police or even a government organization. Why would they be gathering all this information you ask.

Well if your new to this I suggest you look into who the Freemasons are. Even if all the hype surrounding the Freemasons is false or untrue. Then why would they be doing this? What do they gain from this?

People chip there animals as well. I was not to against this they are animals. This brings up the question. Are your children animals? Would you take your child to the vet? A vet can implant an animal. Why not let them shoot one into your child?

Please do some research! Decide that being uninformed is just as equal to being ignorant. Here are a few topics to look into. INFOWARS Link

Food Additives (Fluoride, MSG, Aspartame, colors added, trans fats, olestra, saccharin, BHA and BHT, natural flavors, and many more.
Forbes Article Dissing Food Additives

A few of these additives that were banned have since resurfaced under different names. They are used to sedate, and immoblize us.

If the government will allow its citizens to be poisoned every day. What else are they capable of?

Freedom Writer


Masonic Chipping Takeover Beware


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