Get The United Stated Out Of The UN

17 Jun

The United States being a member of the United Nations is Unconstitutional. It is against our sovereignty as a nation.

We must severe all ties. Denounce our membership, and remove all of our officers.

This Libyan War we are fighting was not approved by Congress. The President has yet again started a war without Congressional approval. Obama has made statements and had Whit House Press secretaries make statements. Saying he does not need congressional approval. According to the United Nations Security Council.

He will not submit a War Powers Resolution. This is a clear statement that Mr Obama will not adhere to the Constitution of The United States. Obama in the future may be at risk of being tried for war crimes or crimes against humanity.

If he is going to continue to use the United Nations to enter countries or territories and cause destruction. Then I see no other choice but to remove the UN out of the equation.

They would not be entering and starting wars like they are. If the United States Military Powers were not there to back them up.

This is proving more and more that there are a few major entities that control the world.

Vatican City Controls through religion and fear.

Washington D.C. (The Mighty fist) Controls with force through military action.

The United Nations allows the United States to be the military arm.

England is the financial supporter and backer.

So with financial, religious, and military arms they are in control of the world.

If a territory is causing religious problems send in the pope. If a territory is violent or does not agree with these arms. Then send in the United States Military Forces.
If ither of these fail or both. Then England pulls funding and financing.

Its crazy to connect the dots.

Freedom Writer


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