Sprint Steals From Customers

17 Jun

Sprint Wireless Needs to be looked into by a legal team. They are taking part in criminal activities. A large company taking advantage of their customers and stealing money right under their noses.

I suggest ever person that has or have had Sprint, Boost, and Nextel Services. Check all billing statements and compare them to your plan and previous statements that you believe to be correct. Check for tax and fee changes. Look for out of place charges. Check for multiple charges for the same thing. Also look for any other irregularities.

Me and my family have found $200 plus that Sprint has over charged for. Some for over taxing. Other charges for upgraded lines. When we had not upgraded. Two disconnection fees even though we had never disconnected.

Just heads up. I am also checking credit card statements for over charging. Will comment on that after some research.

Please leave a comment if you have been swindled by any of these Businesses.

Also if you have had other companies rip you off please let me know. I will add them to my No Bull Sh*t Investigations.

Freedom Writer


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