Occupy St Louis

12 Oct


It’s finally here. The moment I have been waiting for. People all across the nation are waking up. They can not contain us this time. Are message will be heard.

Every one should take part and participate. Even if our messages are not the same. We all need to be heard. Come out and be part of history. Get off your couch! Stand up and help. Lets make the changes happen together.

If we sit back and let this flame burn out we will lose all ground already covered. The mainstream media would love for this to putter on and die out. We cannot allow this to happen. This is our time.

Black, white, green, yellow, christian, muslim, old, young, male, female, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, all walks of life. We need you! We need to come together.

The second American Revolution has started. Which side will stand for. It’s time to decide. Pick a side and get ready for the battle. A non violent battle but be prepared. It’s not going to be pretty.

Come and feel important. That feeling that usually comes from sports or television. Can be multiplied and the out come is more important. History will be made. Will you take part in it? Will you be history or will you read about it?

Do you want to tell your grand children you watched as history was made? Or that you stood up and made history!


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