The Media Can No Longer Fool Us

14 Oct

We no longer pay attention to the mainstream media. All I have to say is disinformation they no longer can lie to us we will find the truth ourselves!

Pay no attention to what they say about occupy wall street or st louis. They call us names talk us down. Say that we are unorganized. Using these tactics just tells me one thing. They are afraid. We are already making an impact.

Just because there are multiple groups with many things to say. Does not mean that we are not united together. We may not be as united as we were after 9/11 but the cause is just as important if not more.

Get involved. Join the revolution. We should all take part in this history making event. Call the media outlets and ask them why this is not getting more attention. Tell your friends. Get a group together and head to the closest demonstration near you and just watch. Take it all in. See how our rights are being violated, and just out right ignored.

See how the media is distorting or message. See how they just flat out lie. Watch as they pick out the radicalized groups to interview. Even though the majorities message is not the same as theirs.


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