Terror Plot Used To Invade Iran

18 Oct

Once again a foiled terror plot used to start war. So we can invade Iran.

United States arms Israel with weapons. Bunker Busters and other misles.

Be prepared for the mainstream media to hype this up. As they have done in the past. Just know that it is all scare tactics.

Just give up more of your rights and liberties. Then the government can keep us all safe. Let president Obama violate the constitution further. Ignore congress and mangle the way our branches of government operate.

I would like to know what America thinks about this?

Will we stand by and allow Mr. Obama to engage in more war? Invade more countries?

Does anyone else think its a coincidence that the UN and United States had been invading middle eastern countries. Putting American friendly people in power. That is why we will not help out countries like yemen. They have who the elite want in power.

We will only get involved if it serves our interests.

All I can say is wake up. Wake the f**k up!


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