Alex Jones Money Bomb

12 Nov

Alex Jones money bomb went off without a hitch. There was a lot of money donated. Many patriots help to feed the cause.

They broadcasted for 27 hours straight. There were many guest speakers, guest interviews, videos with lots of great information. There was even a music video “Crazy Like Alex Jones.”

Mike Adams was a great host as always. He is from natural news. A health nut and a great patriot.
Paul Joseph Watson joined the line up along with several other great minds.

The entire broadcast was offered to everyone for free. which is usually only available to subscribers to offered at a cheap rate of 5 dollars and 95 cents per month. this gives you the ability to view the alex jones show daily 5 days a week monday through friday and also on sundays and also gives you access to the nightly news with airs monday through friday at 7 pm.

The first money bomb was started by a listener. Each moneybomb raising at or close to 500,000 dollars.

They offered some killer deals. They had some great documentary bundles and an obama pack. Also they offered bumper stickers are price. Some of these deals are still available. Head to right now to get these great offers.

Don’t forget about the 15 day free trial. Get access to The Alex Jones show and so much more.

Thank you to all that donated money. Thank to Alex and the staff. I can’t wait to see what is in store. This money will bring great things upon us.


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