US To Send Special Forces To Uganda

9 Dec

The troops that are deployed in Uganda are about to get some assistance. Special Forces will be deployed to help. They are deep in Africa fighting Rebel Forces.

This may come as a shock to most as they don’t even know that America has soldiers in Uganda fighting. That is not the only place in this world where there are American Soldiers fighting and people know nothing about it.

In other words American Soldiers are policeing the world!
With the UN calling the shots.
Making us out to be the bad guys.
So if you ever wondered why the whole world hates America. Just do some researching and you will be able to find out.

I plan to release an article containing all the places in the world were we are involved in conflict.

Would you want a foreign nation on our soil? How would you feel if any soldiers ours or another countries were out on the streets? Holding machine guns and assault rifles. Directing traffic and conducting searches. “SAFE” is the last thing that comes to mind.


2 Responses to “US To Send Special Forces To Uganda”

  1. Tessa Aguilar December 10, 2011 at 12:00 AM #

    During the campaign trail John Boehner promised a investigation and impeachment trial of president Obama. I was wondering How long will it be before he will be able to send the Green Berets, and the 3rd Infantry Division to Kenya to find his birth records and Impeach Obama?

    • nobullblogger December 13, 2011 at 9:09 AM #

      That will not happen while he is still in office. Long after he is on the UN board. We will see the evidence then and it will not matter. That is why we as citizens should band together. He should be tried and impeached.

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