World War 3

13 Jan

World War III

Welcome to the age of war.

War has always been apart of our world, apart of our history. It was introduced in the beginning and will last till the end. With one final battle.

Could we be seeing that battle now. The final human battle World War Three. Each day some grow colder and events unfold that make it look like war has broke out across the world. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Uganda, Somalia, Nigeria Pakistan, Libya, Yemen and many more. This may me news to some ears. They forget to mention several of these daily in the news.

Sounds world-wide to me.

I am tired of wars. Fighting for reasons that seem unclear and unknown. Fighting wars with no direct enemies. Fighting against Ideals. Fighting shadows. Destroying the world as we do it.  Then after we ravage the nations. Pay to rebuild and restructure their war tattered countries.

Participating in acts that can only be characterized by “Only in Hollywood.”

These instigating tactics sending Drones, and setting Sanctions. Are only the beginning. Surely there is more to come. China and Russia have previously stated that they will attack and will defend nations that they have ties with. If America trespasses and wages war against them. Some of the steps America has taken can be construed as war acts. Do not be surprised when China, Russia, or North Korea decides to take action against our country.

How would we feel if foreign armies came into the United States and set up shop? Put their hands on our finances, businesses, infrastructure, and many other aspects of our lives. We wouldn’t let that fly.

If we don’t change our Politicians and stand up to these Lobbyists and Bureaucrats. We have no hope. Military unrest is foreseeable long into our futures and generations to come. Foreign Policy has to be reformed from the ground up.

If we continue down the road. On this collision course. Our freedoms will continue to diminish. Rights stripped away in the name of security. Soldiers may be walking down our streets. Curfews in place. Bombs dropping all around. Panic in the voice blasting over the load speaker. Screaming “Take cover we are under attack.”

Freedom Writer

Feedback appreciated. Speak your mind. Agree or disagree. Tell me why you take that position. We need to start debating and getting involved.

Take a look at some of the highlighted links in the article for some interesting information.


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