Ron Paul Has Been Ignored

18 Jan

Ron Paul has been continuously talked bad about. Or even worse left out completely. Its time to take it in our own hands and promote Ron Paul. If we do not stand for him we will continue this spiral into Tyranny.

The mainstream media likes to state that he can not win. When in fact he clearly can. Anyone could still win this early even someone who has not shown his or her face. It is naturally to early to say. I will say this though Ron Paul has the best chance he ever has.

He is one of the only candidates with a great voting record. Who stands for what he believes in and does not flip-flop. I don’t trust him 100 percent but he is definitely the best choice in a long time.

Even if he does not receive the Republican vote to be on the ticket/ballet. We should still vote for him. Write his name in if you have to.


Ron Paul will not and cannot be ignored.


Do not take my word for it! Take it in your own hands look up what each candidate stands for. How have they voted in the past? Who and what companies have they worked for? Where do there donations come from? I guarantee you will look at all candidates in a new light.


Freedom Writer


Only vote informed or waste your vote.


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